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Reporting on Battery Waste

Hi. I am officially starting to work on my new article about battery waste. Not the industrial-class of battery, but the battery that we often use and see in our daily life. But why battery? 

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(Not So) First Day at the Office

Hi. After a long break (five weeks fellowship program in Australia, and another lazy week in Jakarta), finally I came back to the office. How was the feeling? Well, it’s a bit mixed up. Happy. Excited. Stressed (?)

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Impact Hub di Jakarta

Hai. Ketika pergi ke Singapura tahun lalu, satu yang bikin saya terkesan adalah kunjungan ke The Hub, gedung dengan konsep co-working space. Entah mengapa, saya jatuh hati dengan konsep tersebut. Kesannya dinamis, muda, segar, dan kreatif. Saya berharap Jakarta punya tempat semacam itu.

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