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Tengah hari tadi saya berada di seputaran Jalan Thamrin bersama ribuan orang lain, menyaksikan kirab presiden terpilih, Joko Widodo, yang melintas di sana. Berbekal kamera HP, saya coba rekam wajah-wajah yang berada di lautan massa. Inilah di antaranya. Enjoy!

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The Best People

Hi. I had met a lot of extraordinary people in my life. And after I think more about it, I guessed that they all have something in common. Well, here are some of their qualities.

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Non Fiction #1: The Drive

Hi. I dedicated this post for whom would like to learn the art of writing a nonfiction. I am going to make it a series of shorties, which in each post I will try to share my method, tips and trick, and anything else that might relate to it based on my experiences. Hope it will be useful for you. OK. […]

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